A vasectomy is a simple and safe procedure used for sterilization and is considered the most effective birth control method for men. This quick procedure is tolerated very well under local anesthetic and is very cost effective. Vasectomy is less invasive than tubal ligation. Although both are considered permanent, vasectomy offers fewer complications and is less expensive.

The vas deferens are the tubes which conduct sperm from the testicles. Bilateral partial vasectomy means dividing and closing a small section of each of these tubes in order to block the flow of sperm. The testes will still produce sperm but since they have nowhere to go, they die and are absorbed by your body.

No-Needle, No-Scalpel replaces an incision in the scrotum with a tiny puncture, which usually requires no stitches. Through this small opening, the vas deferens are identified and a portion is removed then the ends are sealed.

Same Day Appointments Available:  We realize your time is valuable so we are pleased to offer your consultation and procedure on the same day upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be sterile immediately?

No. The body stores sperm near the prostate in the seminal vesicles and since this is downstream from where the vasectomy is performed it will take time and several ejaculations for the semen to be completely free of sperm.

Will my sex life be affected by my vasectomy?

No. A vasectomy does not change your ability to have erections or orgasms. It does not reduce your sex drive and your hormone levels do not change. It does not visibly change your semen.

When can I have sex again?

Once you have healed from the procedure, you may have sex. Keep in mind that you need to continue to use another method of birth control until your doctor tells you are sterile.

Can my vasectomy be reversed?

Yes. However, you should consider your vasectomy to be a permanent decision. A vasectomy reversal is expensive and is not covered by insurance. It is also not guaranteed to make you fertile again.

Can I store my sperm?

Yes. If interested in finding out about sperm preservation, call the Pacific Northwest Fertility Clinic at 206-515-0000.

Is it necessary for my consultation and vasectomy to be done on separate days?

Yes. Your physician will discuss the details of vasectomy during your consultation. Since vasectomy should be considered a permanent procedure, we feel you need to take some time to think about what you learned from your doctor.

Will I need to take time off work?

For two days after the procedure, do not do any work that requires heavy lifting, pushing, straining, etc. You may do light work as soon as you wish.

Does my insurance cover vasectomy?

Most health insurance plans do cover elective vasectomy procedure. However, there are some policies that exclude this benefit. It is best to call your insurance company prior to scheduling your appointment.

Preparing For Your Vasectomy

  • You will be given an informed consent to sign.
  • Bring an athletic supporter and wear comfortable clothing.
  • Shower and wash your scrotum the day of procedure.
  • It is not advised to eat more than a light meal within 2 hours before your procedure.
  • Shave the anterior (front) portion of the scrotum before your procedure.

Post-Vasectomy Instructions

  • For two days after the operation, do not do any work that requires heavy lifting, pushing, straining, etc. You may do light work as soon as you wish.
  • Keep the incisions dry for two days following the procedure. Thereafter you may resume normal bathing.
  • Some bruising, swelling, or mild tenderness of the scrotum is not unusual. Sometimes a nodule may be present which remains for several months.
  • Wear an athletic supporter only as long as you seem to need it for comfort.
  • If you have pain or discomfort immediately after the vasectomy, taking 2 Tylenol tablets every 4 hours should provide relief. After the local anesthetic wears off, an ice pack will provide additional comfort and can also prevent swelling if used for several hours at ½ hour intervals ( ½ hour on, then ½ hour off).
  • If stitches are placed, they do not need to be removed. They are absorbed and fall off by themselves, usually within 10 days.
  • Post vasectomy semen analysis instructions. Semen must be delivered within 4 hours of ejaculation. Semen older than 4 hours may be difficult to interpret. The first specimen should be brought in after 12 ejaculations and each specimen should be 2 weeks apart. You will need two consecutive negative specimens to be considered sterile. You should continue to use whatever contraception you and your partner are using until we tell you that you are sterile.