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Satisfaction Survey

Our goal is to provide the best possible cardiac care to our patients by utilizing the latest medical information and state-of-the-art techniques in a pleasant and friendly environment. We take pride in treating each patient in a caring and respectful manner, guiding them to optimal cardiovascular wellness. Each member of the Swedish Urology team shares these goals and is dedicated to your individual health needs.

Help us reach our goal! By completing and returning this patient survey, your feedback can help us improve. All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential and your name is not required. Please use this opportunity to respond freely.

How would you rate the following in terms of courtesy and service?








Your Appointment

Rate your satisfaction with making an appointment including waiting time and the overall ease of the appointment process.

Our Staff

Rate the courtesy, friendliness and caring of our staff.

Our Communication with You

Rate how promptly your phone calls were answered and your satisfaction with advice provided to you over the phone.

Waiting Time

Rate your satisfaction with the amount of time you spent in our office and the communication you received regarding waiting times.

Your Visit with Your Doctor

Rate your overall satisfaction with your physician and the outcome of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Our Facility

Rate your satisfaction with our hours of operation, facilities, parking and signage/directions to our office.

Your overall satisfaction

Rate your overall satisfaction with our practice and the quality of your medical care.


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